Do I lose my calling credit when changing my prepaid card to a subscription?

– Updated

Nope! If you switch from a prepaid SIM card to a subscription, your remaining calling credit will be converted into Viking Points. So let's say you have € 12,63 worth of calling credit left when you switch. After your switch, you'll have 12,63 Viking Points instead. You use those to pay for your subscription. As you know, each Viking Point is worth € 1. So you don't lose any money.


- This promotion is valid from 23/10/2017 until 15/01/2018, but it could still be prolonged by us.

- If you switch back to a prepaid SIM card, you will lose the Viking Points you received when you switched to a subscription. Unless you've already used them, of course. This is also valid if the Viking Points are no longer in possession of the Viking who had initially received them.

- The Viking Points you receive after your switch to a subscription, are to be used to pay for your subscription.

We also maintain the right to stop this promotion at any time.

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