Does my Mobile Vikings invoice comply with legislation?

Chris Jansen
– Updated

According to Belgian law, the VAT on a service can only be deducted as soon as the service has actually been provided. Since you sometimes don’t use your calling credit entirely in one month, it can’t be fully invoiced by Mobile Vikings either. Therefore, only your actual usage of calling minutes, texts and data, including Viking Talk, will be invoiced.

Worth mentioning here too, is your premium usage. This is the use of services offered by other parties than Mobile Vikings. Think, bus tickets, SMS parking, ringtones, etc. Since these are not offered by Mobile Vikings, but by third parties, we cannot charge VAT for these services. To make a clear distinction, your premium usage will be mentioned separately on your invoice and no VAT will be charged for this usage.

More information about the precise legislation Mobile Vikings is basing this invoicing method on, can be found here (in Dutch, French or German).


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