How do the online Viking Deals work?

TL;DR: You shop online with our Viking Deal partners, earning back a percentage of your purchase in Viking Points. 1 Viking Point = € 1 = savings on your next invoice/payment invitation or top-up.

A couple of things matter:

  • The Viking Deal page shows an up-to-date overview of all current partnerships. We don't send out notifications every time one is added or removed, so be sure to check it before you shop! The plug-in is always up-to-date as well.
  • to be able to benefit from a Deal, you visit our partner via the red button.
    This is the only way to activate your Viking ID for our partner, allowing them to identify you as a Viking. Therefore, you obviously need to be logged in on your Viking account.
  • The Viking Deals plug-in is another option. The plug-in notifies you when you're browsing one of our partners' webshops, so you'll never miss another Viking Deal again. Download it for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Cookies: what can go wrong? After clicking the red button, you'll land on the page at our partner's website. There, you'll be identified as a Viking with a cookie.
    Attention: if now you were to open a new tab or a different browser, our cookie will be overwritten with that of the new website. The partner will no longer know you're a Viking, and you won't get Viking Points.

So how can you be sure?

Most of all, it's important you allow the so-called "third-party cookies" in your browser. This way, our partner will know you're a Viking if you visit them via our page. Here's how you enable cookies in the most popular browsers.

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

Secondly, it's best to disable the "do not track" functionality in your browser. Quite often, that too prevents the use of cookies. Below you'll find out how to go about that in the most popular browsers. We cannot guarantee that Viking Deals work for you if you use Safari version 12.2 or higher on iOS.

Windows Explorer (all versions)
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

Another option is, of course, to not surf incognito in your browser, and have no adblocker active.

Want to be 100% sure?

In that case, visit our partner via our page, prepare your shopping cart, and visit our partner again via our designated Mobile Vikings page. If all goes well, your shopping cart will still be available and you're ready to order. After ordering, our partner will confirm your order and within 24 hours you'll also receive a confirmation email from Mobile Vikings that your Viking Points will be available shortly after.