What will the invoicing be like as from January 2016?

As of January 2016, Mobile Vikings switches to a new way of invoicing. I.e. simplify invoicing. More concretely, this means that we’ll be invoicing received payments of the past month (21% VAT included). The recently updated VAT legislation now makes this possible. We will therefore no longer invoice based on your usage.

For instance: if, before, you did a top-up in December 2015, and you didn’t fully use that top-up until January 2016, you would also receive your invoice after you used it, i.e. in January. This will no longer be the case. In the new invoicing system your invoice will be made in the same month as you did your top-up in. It will then be available before the 10th of the next month.

There are exceptions, of course. Here’s an overview:

    • premium services (third-party services): we need to invoice the amount used for premium SMS services (like purchasing a bus ticket from De Lijn, a ringtone, etc.) at 0% VAT. Since we charged the payment of your top-up at 21% VAT, we need to correct this. It’s the third party (e.g. De Lijn) that determines the price for these, so no VAT is required.
    • activation cost of a SIM card with a new number: if you request a SIM card with a new number, a € 15 activation cost will be charged. This will then appear on your first invoice.
    • data-only SIM card: when requesting a data-only SIM card we’ll charge € 3 in administration costs. This will be included in your first invoice too.
    • Viking Talk: to call with Viking Talk, you use Viking Points. The Viking Points appearing on your invoice in connection with Viking Talk, only are the Viking Points you purchased or others purchased for you.
    • Gift card: the one who purchases a (Viking Points) gift card, will receive a receipt via email. The one using the gift card Viking Points for a top-up or Viking Talk, will receive an invoice including VAT.
    • Refunds: in case there are any, top-up refunds will also appear on your invoice.
    • Partial payment with Viking Points: payments of top-ups you’ve partially used Viking Points for (which you’ve purchased) in combination with another payment method, will be displayed on your invoice as well.

Below you'll find an example of an invoice that contains all data.

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