What do I get with the €25 per month subscription?

You will find an extensive overview of the benefits of each bundle on the page “Subscriptions”. It’s easy to compare on that page. :-)
You get:

  • 4,000 text messages on all Belgian networks
  • 4 GB of mobile data while surfing in Belgium
  • 250 call minutes on all Belgian networks and landlines*. Please note: if you have less than 60 seconds left in your calling bundle, your next call will be charged as an out-of-bundle call. That's because, for all calls, the first minute will always be charged in full (not if you call another Viking, of course).
  • The Viking advantage: each day you once again get 60 minutes for free and you can send 300 text messages to all Belgian Mobile Vikings**

Every new month (at each new bundle), you'll receive 5 extra megabytes for every unused calling minute from your previous bundle. This extra mobile data will remain valid for a whole month.

* Except for premium services, i.e. calls to 090x and 070 numbers and text messages from and to paid services. These will be shown separately on your invoice or payment invitation. The rates will be listed next to the service or the number. For examples, these services could be televoting, competitions, newsletters, call tones, games or chat services.

** Fair Use policy: 9,000 text messages and 1,800 call minutes per month.

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