How does the free Viking advantage to other Mobile Vikings work?

– Updated

Every time you top up your SIM card you will receive the free Viking advantage: 60 minutes to call and 300 texts to send to your Mobile Vikings friends. For as long as your bundle lasts (i.e. 1 calendar month), this advantage will be renewed again every day.

A few important facts about the Viking advantage:

  • For our Viking advantage that will be 1800 calling minutes and 9000 texts to other Belgian Mobile Vikings with a Fair Use policy.
  • The Viking advantage cannot be used for roaming or to call numbers from other providers like Base, Proximus or Mobistar.
  • A diverted call (e.g. via voicemail) from one Belgian Mobile Vikings number to another will be charged at the normal rate.
  • Just like the other advantages -free texts and data- this Viking advantage is valid 1 calendar month after your most recent top-up.
  • Fair Use policy: 300 sms and 60 calling minutes for free to Belgian Mobile Vikings per day. 

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