What are the rates for texting, calling and mobile data after my bundle has expired?

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Prepaid SIM cards

If your bundle with free advantages and the corresponding calling rate is no longer valid (i.e. 1 calendar month after your last top-up), or if you have used up your free texts or mobile data, you're usage is out-of-bundle.

Here you'll find the out-of-bundle rates.

As soon as you top up your SIM card, you will start calling at the rate of this bundle again (e.g. € 0.15/minute in case of a € 15 top-up of a Focus bundle more calling) and you will benefit from the free Viking advantages for another month.

Your usage is out-of-bundle if you use more MBs, calling minutes, or texts than you have in your bundle before the end of the month.

Here you'll find the out-of-bundle rates.

When your next month starts and your bundle is renewed, you'll call, text and surf at normal rates again.

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