How can I convince friends to become a Mobile Viking and earn Viking Points?

Bringing friends aboard the Mobile Vikings Drakkar will be rewarded with free Viking Points. How? For each Viking you introduce, 15 Viking Points will be granted. Those will automatically be used as a discount on your next invoice/payment invitation.

Need some inspiration or just a tad of force of persuasion? Mobile Vikings to the rescue! First, visit 'My products' > 'Earn Viking Points' and create your personalized Viking site. A link on this site will allow your friends to request a SIM card. As a reward you will receive 15 Viking Points after their first paying top-up or paid invoice/payment invitation. Nice, isn't it? ;-) You can share your personal Viking site with your friends in many ways:

  • Email your friends: show us your Viking spirit and send your friends a personalized email with a link to your Viking site. If they click on the link and register a SIM card, 15 Viking Points will be granted to you as a reward after their first paying top-up.
  • Banner: do you have a website or blog? Choose your own banner with a link to your personal Viking site. A fancy banner will increase your visibility and the chances of anyone clicking on the link.
  • Facebook and Twitter cover photo: show your friends that you are a proud Viking and share a Viking cover picture on your Facebook page or Twitter profile. A url on the cover photo allows your Viking friends to visit your Viking site and register.
  • Social media share buttons: share your personal Viking site with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
  • Facebook calculator tool: confirm your login via Facebook and select your Facebook friends. This tool will then calculate how much data, calling credit and texts they could use for free if all their friends would also be a Viking. Share this message and make sure they are perfectly aware of all the advantages of being a Viking. Are they totally convinced? All they should do, is register a SIM card via the link in the Facebook message.