On which date will my invoice or payment invitation be created?

– Updated

All top-ups and your usage per month will be gathered on one invoice or payment invitation. This document will become available on your account on the 10th day of the next month. This will also be the date mentioned on your invoice or payment invitation. E.g.: top-ups and usage for the month of January will be put on one invoice/payment invitation which you can find online as of February 10. Please keep in mind there’s only one invoice/payment invitation per account. If you’ve got multiple SIM cards on your account, all top-ups and usage will be gathered on one invoice/payment invitation.

Keep in mind that you'll receive a single invoice or payment invitation for all your prepaid SIM cards. So if you have multiple prepaid SIM cards, you'll see all top-ups and usage of those SIM cards on a single invoice or payment invitation. In the detailed overview you'll see it per number. 

A separate invoice or payment invitation is generated per subscription SIM card. 

Please note: as of 10 December 2017, you won't receive anymore invoices for prepaid SIM cards. More info here.

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