Will my SIM card with subscription also work in other countries?

Will your SIM card with subscription also work in other countries? If you use your SIM card in other countries, you are then “roaming”. In this case, roaming rates apply. You can view these for each country in our roaming wizard.

If you're in the EU, you'll enjoy the same rates as when in Belgium. Your usage will simply be deducted from your national bundle. Do you have an Unlimited subscription? In that case, you have no extra costs up to a usage of 14 GB. Your usage within Belgium isn't included in this 14 GB: only what you use outside of Belgium. If you use more, every MB used in the EU will be charged at € 0,004/MB. If you use over 20 GB during your bundle period, both within Belgium and abroad, you'll be able to continue surfing at a reduced speed of 512 kbps.

Important to know: your Vikings advantage allowing you to call other Mobile Vikings (fair use policy with 1,800 calling minutes and 9,000 text messages per month) is not valid in other countries. In this case, you will be charged the rates listed above when calling and sending text messages to other Mobile Vikings.

Some applications on your smartphone automatically connect to the internet and will use mobile data when you are roaming. You can disable data roaming in your smartphone settings. Want to know the exact rates for a specific country? Check the roaming wizard. Still have a pressing question? Call us on the free number 1976, anywhere in the EU!

Outside of the EU, you won't be able to surf to avoid unexpectedly high costs. It's not possible to enable this again. In order to be able to surf using mobile internet, we recommend you use wi-fi as much as possible or use a local SIM card. You’ll usually find those at airports.