How do I disable the limit for data roaming?

According to European law, all users who roam the internet should receive a warning whenever they’ve used more than € 40. Whenever they exceed € 50, the European operator is obligated to disable the roaming internet connection automatically.

Users get the following messages when they reach the € 40 and € 50 limits:

“You’ve used 80% of the maximum allowed amount according to EU regulations. When you’ll have used 100%, we’ll temporarily disable data roaming to protect you.”

“You’ve reached the maximum amount of data roaming allowed under EU regulations. To ignore the limit this month, send “NOROAMINGALERT” to 1984.

This is calculated per calendar month. You can use € 30 at the end of July, and € 30 again in the beginning of August. Together you will have used € 60 in a short time period, which is allowed.

If you want to disable or block this functionality, send on of the following messages to 1984:

ENDROAMINGALERT: to fully disable the functionality

YESROAMINGALERT: to enable the functionality again

DATAROAMINGCONTINUE: to disable the functionality for the current month