How long will my calling credit and bundle (including the free advantages) be valid?

– Updated

• Your bundle with free data, texts and the Viking advantage to Belgian Mobile Vikings (60 minutes and 300 texts for free daily) is valid for 1 calendar month, from the day and time of your last top-up. For example, if you top up on 08 November 2015 at 12.35 am, your bundle will remain valid until 08 December 2015 12.35 am.

We define one calendar month as the period starting on a specific day of a month until the same day the next month. A calendar month can therefore be 28, 29 (in leap years), 30 or 31 days long. Another example: if you top up in March, your bundle will be valid for 31 days. If you top up in April, your bundle will be valid for 30 days.

What happens if the month is finished and you haven’t topped up again? In that case you will pay € 0.10 for every text you send and € 0.10 for each MB you use. The calling rate of your remaining credit is set at € 0.20 per minute (charged per second after the first minute) for a bundle Focus voice, and€ 0.40 per minute (charged per second after the first minute) for a bundle Focus data. Unfortunately, you will no longer benefit from the free Viking advantage to Belgian Mobile Vikings.

• If you have any calling credit left, it will be transferred to the next month and added to your next top-up. Calling credit from a top-up is valid for 6 months and then expires.

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