No mobile internet domestically or abroad?

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You can follow these steps at home or abroad.

To connect to the mobile Internet you will first have to configure your device correctly. For most devices sold in Belgium, you can follow the configuration wizard on our website. Also, make sure to restart your device before testing your internet connection.

Didn't find your device in the list? Not to worry. If you use an Android, any other Android device will match yours closely. And just in case, here are all the settings you might need:


  • APN =
  • Username = web
  • Password = web
  • Proxy = not set
  • Port = not set
  • APN-type = default,supl
  • Authentication / verification type = PAP


Once you've entered all the settings, save all your changes, turn flight mode on and off again before testing your connection. If that doesn't work, please reboot your device and you should be fine.

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