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Go to your account and select 'Settings' > 'SIM settings'. At the next step, you'll need to order a multi SIM (which contains a micro SIM too). 

A € 5 administrative cost is charged for this swap, which will be deducted from your calling credit (prepaid SIM card) or incorporated in your next invoice/payment invitation (subscription). Make sure that, when requesting a new SIM card, you have enough calling credit on your account (prepaid SIM card). If you have a subscription, the cost will be added to your next invoice or payment invitation or invoice. When you receive the new SIM card, remember to activate it via your account (onwww.mobilevikings.be/activate).

Alternatively, you can also use a SIM card adapter. It allows you to adapt the format of your current SIM card. These adapters are sold in most smartphone shops.

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