What is the PIN code for my voicemail and where can I find it?

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You chose the PIN code for your voicemail when you first configured your voicemail. Your voicemail will ask for your PIN code when:

  1. You call +32486191996 or +32456191933 with another device (i.e. not your own device);
  2. You call +32486191996 or +32456191933 from abroad (both with your own or another device).

After entering +32486191996 or +32456191933, you can proceed as follows:

  • Select option 2 and select the language of your choice (e.g. 1 for Dutch).
  • Select the option to listen to your voicemail and enter your mobile number followed by #
  • Enter the PIN code for your voicemail followed by #
  • If you forgot your PIN code enter **. You will now receive a text with a new PIN code.

This call is free of charge in the EU. Outside of the EU, it will be charged at the rate of a normal call in that country.

If the wrong PIN code is entered three times, your voicemail will automatically be blocked. To reactivate your voicemail send an email to info@mobilevikings.com stating your phone number. Our helpdesk will then make sure that your voicemail is reactivated as soon as possible.

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