What do I need to know about the plug-in?

Not much, because everything's pretty simple.

- You install the plug-in in your Chrome or Firefox browser by clicking the links. Then you click install, and you're done.

- Once you've activated the plug-in, you'll get a browser notification each time you go to one of our partners' website. If your Viking Deal isn't active, you click the red button (see blog post) and log in using your Mobile Vikings email address and password. Afterwards, you'll see "Viking Deal... OK!", and you'll know you'll have activated the Viking Deal.

- Please note: this plug-in does not guarantee that you'll get your Viking Points. It helps you to remember them and enables you to get them, but something might still go wrong in some (very rare) cases. For example: we don't recommend going to many different websites after having activated your Viking Deal.