Can I request a prepaid SIM card for another private individual, e.g. my child?

– Updated

Of course you can request a prepaid SIM card for a third party. Mobile Vikings prepaid SIM cards are always inactive until they’re activated. The third party will have to identify himself/herself before they can use the prepaid SIM card.

You can also request a prepaid SIM card for somebody in your family (your parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings), for you husband/wife, your legal cohabitant or someone whose legal guardian you are. When in those cases you identify yourself in order to activate the prepaid SIM card, it’s recommended to communicate who’ll be the card user. This will help the user in calls to the emergency services (in calls to the medical emergency services, the fire brigade, the police or civil protection service, the first and last name of the caller are automatically communicated).

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