What happens during the system update of Saturday 23/6 to Sunday 24/6?

– Updated

From Saturday 23/6 15h30 to Sunday morning 24/6, we’ll be shutting down our website and Viking App completely. This will provide our people behind the screens the breathing space they need to update our systems.

So make sure you check if any of this applies to you personally. This will allow you to take precautions, if necessary. More specifically, this is what will happen:

From now until Sunday morning 24/6

  • No new SIM cards will be activated (for subscriptions only). If you were to have a SIM card that was being activated at the time, we’ll activate. We only won’t be able to start new SIM card activations.
  • Automatic payment methods for prepaid SIM cards and subscriptions cannot be set up nor be removed.

As of Saturday 23/6 15h30 until Sunday morning 24/6

  • Top-ups (on the website, in the Viking App, via SMS or automatic top-ups) will not be possible.
  • Your account (My Viking) will be unavailable.
  • There will be no notifications about your usage (no SMS, no emails).

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