What are the minor changes as of 24/6?

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Subscription invoicing

  • 4 dates on which we’ll be invoicing
    As of now, there’ll be 4 instances each month on which we’ll be drawing up invoices/payment invitations (instead of daily): around day 4, 12, 20 and 28 of each month. Depending on the day you used to receive your invoice/payment invitation, you’ll receive yours on one of these days (the following date). E.g.: if you used to receive your invoice/payment invitation on the 5th, from now on this will be on the 12th. Our next invoicing will take place on June 28th.
  • Out-of-bundle usage
    Before, the default maximum amount out of bundle was set at € 60. We’ve now lowered this to € 50. If you’d like to lower or raise this amount, you can do so by contacting our helpdesk.

iOS Viking App

Possibly, there's an issue in the iOS Viking App: upon opening the app it could keep refreshing until it crashes.

There are two ways to solve this:

  • You reinstall the app.
  • You activate airplane mode, log out, deactivate airplane mode and log in again.

Payment methods

  • New methods available
    Both on our website and in the Viking App, you can now use new payment methods: Bancontact, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and Bitcoin.

  • Viking App (iOS and Android)
    A top-up through the Viking App can now be split between Viking Points and one of the newly available payment methods: Bancontact, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal or Bitcoin. E.g. for a € 15 top-up you use 9 Viking Points and for the remaining € 6 you use Bancontact. 


After the update of 23/6 you won't be be able to check your usage for a few days (on the website nor in the Viking App). Our helpdesk won't have these data available either.

Top up via SMS

As of 24/6, you top up via SMS this way:

SIM TOPUP to 1984

So you don’t mention the amount anymore. Your top-up will be the same as the previous one you did. You can obviously always check or update this in your payment settings in your account.

Buy Viking Points

As of 24/6 2018, it will no longer be possible to buy Viking Points and/or send them as a gift. You’ll still be able to earn Viking Points super easily thanks to the Viking Deals, and with the Viking App you can obviously still share your Viking Points with your Viking friends.

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