Having trouble after the 24 June update? Check here.

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We know some Vikings are experiencing issues these past days, and we’re trying very hard to solve all the issues as quickly as possible. In the meantime, check here for answers to the most urgent questions.

1. Having problems with mobile internet, calling, or texting (abroad)?
Check whether you have enough calling credit. Due to a technical issue, we were temporarily not sending any notifications for this. But we are now. You can also check your usage in the Viking App.

Are you abroad, and are you without mobile internet? Check whether your mobile internet is configured correctly.

2. You didn’t receive any notification about the expiry of your bundle or calling credit?
This was a known issue, but it has been solved now. However:

Beware: it's possible you receive a notification (by SMS or email) about an expired bundle, even if you still have active bundles. This notification is referring to an older bundle, which has just expired. 

Best to keep a very stern eye on your usage and your bundles.

3. What does “PDP-authentication error” mean?
If you see this, check your calling credit. Because we’re temporarily not sending out any notifications about your calling credit due to a technical issue. You can also see your usage in the Viking App.

4. You don’t have mobile internet abroad?
Check whether your mobile internet has been configured correctly.

5. I can’t log in to my account. What should I do?
Your username is case-sensitive now, so your browser’s autofill might not work. If that’s the case, log in using your phone number. Works every time.

6. Easy Payments in the Viking App aren’t working. What can I do?
Due to technical issues, Easy Payments are currently unavailable in the Viking App. Our app team is hard at work to make them available again.

In the meantime, try topping up via text message. Read all about it here. A top-up via SMS is just as easy and mobile as using the Viking App.

You'll find an overview of further (permanent) changes after 24/6 here.

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