What if the activation of my replacement SIM card fails?

– Updated

Such a nuisance! Yet, nothing we can’t solve. Here’s how you activate your replacement SIM card again:

  1. With your old SIM card, text SWAP XXXX to 1984. These XXXX are the last 4 digits of your replacement SIM card’s number. You’ll find it on the back of your replacement SIM card: it’s 19 digits long, but you only need the last 4.
  2. If your digits are correct, we’ll send you an SMS to confirm. From that moment on, always keep your replacement SIM card with you. As soon as the network of your “old” SIM card drops (this will take 30 minutes max), switch off your device and insert the new SIM card. The default PIN code for your new SIM card is 1111, and you can easily change it through your device settings.
  3. Now it’s only a matter of setting up your mobile internet correctly. To do so, head over to mobilevikings.be/setup.

So, can you check if the below was in order?

  • Did you send the SMS to 1984 with your old SIM card?
  • Did you use capitals, and is there only 1 space after SWAP?
  • Did your text not contain any other characters?

If all of this was ok, and it still didn’t work, it’s best to let us know through this form. We’ll have a look at it asap after that.

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