I can't call anymore. What do I do?

1. First of all, check whether you have service. Try manually connecting to a different carrier (Proximus or Orange,...). Wait a few seconds, and reconnect to the Mobile Vikings network. Reboot your device, and you should be able to call again.
2. Got service? Then check your remaining calling credit or bundles.
3. Credit/bundles okay? Then switch between 3G/4G/LTE. You can do that in your phone's settings:

  • Apple: Settings > Mobile data > select "Enable 4G".
  • Samsung (Android): Settings > More settings > Mobile networks > Network mode > select 4G, LTE or an automatic network selection.
  • Nokia (Windows Phone 8): Settings > Mobile networks > Highest connection speed > LTE.

4. Are you abroad? Then try selecting another provider. You can do that in your settings as well.
5. Are you able to make outgoing calls, but unable to receive any incoming calls? Find out what to do when you're unreachable

Went through all the steps above and still can't call? Contact the helpdesk using the free number 1976 or send us a message.