Are there out-of-bundle costs with a subscription?

Possibly, if your usage isn’t included in your bundle. This also goes for the Unlimited subscription (e.g. international calls, or premium services). To avoid unpleasant surprises, we will update you once you’ve used more than € 10, € 20, € 30, € 40 of € 50 extra. After that, you can’t make any more costs. You can do anything as long it’s within your bundle, of course.


What kind of usage isn’t included in my bundle?
Usage outside of your bundle will be charged separately on your invoice or payment invitation. This happens if you:

  • use up your active bundle and continue to surf or call before your new bundle is added. The rates are € 0.10 per MB and € 0.20 per minute.
  • call or text to premium numbers. The rate is mentioned with the number.
  • call or text a foreign EU-number. The calling rate is € 0.22 per minute, texts are € 0.07 per message. We’ll be lowering these rates as of May 2019.
  • call or text a foreign number outside of the EU. The calling rate is € 1 per minute, texts are €0.50 per message.
  • roam from a country outside of the EU. The rates depend on your destination, check them on our roaming page.
Do you want to limit your out-of-bundle costs? Our helpdesk can lower your limit to € 25, € 10, € 5 or even € 0. If you lower your limit to 0 EUR, you won’t be able to use non-standard services like international calls, texts, of premium services when you’ve used up your bundle.

How can I change my out-of-bundle limit?
Do you want to limit your out-of-bundle costs? Our helpdesk can lower the limit to€ 25, € 10, € 5 or even € 0. If you want to increase it, you can also change your tariff plan/renew your bundle. You’ll get new bundles and your out-of-bundle costs limit will be reset to € 10.  

If you prefer not to do this, or if you're on the highest price plan, please send an e-mail to using your registered e-mail address. Our helpdesk can increase this limitation to get you going again. Payment of the out-of-bundle costs will be done automatically with your next invoice/payment invitation.